Bathroom trend 2020: colored washbasins and sanitary ware

Today I am talking to you about a new bathroom trend that will probably make you shiver at the beginning, thinking about the horrible bathrooms of the 70s and 80s.

The new trend is that of colored washbasins and toilet! It is actually a trend that had already begun to peep a couple of years ago but is now really catching on.

On the other hand, the color has returned forcefully to our homes: first in the furnishings and accessories, then in the kitchen and in the wall coverings …. and now it is the turn of the bathrooms!

I admit it, I don’t like colored toilets but I do like colored sinks! They manage to totally change the appearance of a bathroom and make it new, original and fresh.

The most popular colors are pastel shades, in particular pink, mint green, blue and light gray. But one thing is very important: the finish must not be glossy but matte! And in order not to risk obtaining the “grandmother’s bathroom” effect, I would avoid doing all the sanitary ware and washbasins of the same color.

If you are curious, try looking at the collections presented by these companies.



It is absolutely my favorite brand, they are always one step ahead with regard to the trends and originality of the collections. The new Freize line created by the MarcanteTesta studio and presented at the latest Maison Objet 2020 is beautiful.



I like their free-standing sinks (which is another trend for the bathroom), both for the shapes and for the colors chosen.











This is an Australian company that I discovered at Maison Objet 2020. The sinks are made of concrete and the color palette is very nice.


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