A new trend in terms of color for the walls, seems to be that of beige. It is a very light beige hue, indicatively it could be one of this colors NCS S 1502-Y50R, NCS S 1002-R or NCS S 1502-R. Beige seems to have taken the place of white on the walls of the houses, even in the Nordic style where white has always been the first choice.

Let me be clear, white will never go out of style and will always be my favorite color for walls. In fact, the white is bright, minimal, elegant and modern. You will never be wrong when choosing white.

But the new trends indicate that interior designers and stylist are preferring neutral and light shades like beige compared to total white. I must say that it is an alternative that I really like: the effect is always sober and neutral (and therefore suitable for many styles and types of furniture) but less aseptic than the total white. These hues are warmer colors that help to soften and warm the environment but at the same time do not reduce the brightness.

What do you think? You like it?

via Coco Lapine Design

via My Scandinavian Home blog

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Maria Sahlander for Bjurfors

Stelton catalogue

Zara Home catalogue

Styling by Josefin Hååg and photography by Kristoffer Johnsson

via my unfinished home

Styling by Josefin Hååg and photography by Kristoffer Johnsson


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