A blue velvet sofa

Four ideas for a perfect styling of a blue velvet sofa and a personalized get the look.

Since last year, velvet is definitely back in fashion, and today we find it in all the clothing and shoes stores. Velvet is back big even in the furniture industry and in the collections of all the major design firms.

It is the softness and preciousness of the fabric, it is the unique way to reflect the light, it is that it brings us back in time to some ancient building or it is that it makes us think of theater seats… it may be for any reason but luckily the velvet came back in fashion and I’m happy.

And is there anything more chic than a velvet sofa? Chic but soft and warm at the same time?

A velvet sofa is able to immediately attract attention and give a cozy touch but at the same time sophisticated to any living room.

Today, I want to talk in particular about blue velvet sofas. I believe blue is the color that best emphasizes the characteristics of the fabric, it is a classic color that is well suited to the preciousness of velvet and enhances its sophisticated look. It is also a calming and welcoming color that matches well with almost every color and all the interior.

And how do you decorate the living room with a blue velvet sofa? Here are my 4 favorite stylings. And read the article down to the end….I prepared a surprise for you…

1 – MINIMAL: The velvet sofa is itself the showpiece of the living room that immediately fills the room and attracts the looks. A first styling with a blue velvet sofa is therefore the one of simplicity: white walls, minimal furnishings and clean style.


two exemples of blue velvet sofa with white wall and design pieces12

2 – CONTEMPORARY: The idea is to match the blue velvet sofa with dark colors like gray and black and white details and patterns. The effect may be somewhat gloomy but is very contemporary and definitely of great personality

two exemples of how to style with a blue velvet sofa and grey wall12

3 – TOTAL BLUE: tone on tone styling with blue walls and other details in blue. The effect is chic but at the same time relaxing and welcoming.

two exemples of blue sofa and blue walls12

4 – PRECIOUS: adding touches of gold or bronze (for example in side tables, lamps, etc.) helps to enrich even more the environment, and also these details perfectly match the fabric and the color blue. The effect is sophisticated and absolutely stylish.

blue velvet sofas and gold details like a coffee table or a lamp12

And here’s the final surprise!

Inspired by this latest photo that encloses a bit of all the elements seen above (minimal style, black and white pattern, gold details) and where in my opinion the sofa and all the details work perfectly together, I created a styling and a selection of products especially for you …

blue velvet sofa with gold side tables and blanck and white printsvia Bemz

…we inaugurate a new section that I hope you will like: GET THE LOOK!

Products details:

Sofa: Nakki 2-seater, Woud

Carpet: Kelim Rug – Black Lines, Ferm living

Lamp: IG lights F, FLos

Pouf: Circus Pouf Small light blue velour, Normann Copenaghen

Coffee table: Slit table / Round side table brass, Hay

Prints: Life Traces Amber BlackLife Traces Mineral Black, I love my type





  1. I really love this article. I like the mix of your last proposal. I would have never really thought that I would like a blue velvet sofa but your article has convinced me. I also love the Get section of look! Thank you!!!

  2. I love this article and I am happy to know that my decor is exactly what you mentioned. I’m now interested in putting up wallpaper! I can’t wait to see my house transformed!

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