Color trend for summer 2019: pastel colors

Pastel colors seem to be one of the new trends for interiors for spring/summer 2019. These shades, which are inspired by the colors of ice creams, manage to create a fresh and lively atmosphere in our homes and give a refined look without risking to fall into the candy effect.

As I wrote in my post on the color trends from the latest Milan Design Week 2019, many brands have in fact presented collections with these shades, such as Normann Copenhagen, Saba, Ex-t among others.


Normann Copenhagen


The trend, in particular, is to use pastel colors as if they were neutral tones and to mix them freely, both on the walls and in the choice of furnishings and accessories.

For example, you can soften a warm color like yellow with a cooler shade such as light pink or mint green and create a sparkling but at the same time welcoming environment. Or you can combine pink and blue, two colors that go very well together and that Pantone had chosen as the colors of the year already in 2016 (does Rose Quartz and Serenity tell you anything?). Two colors that combined can create a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Pastel colors are also perfect for this season, to bring a touch of summer at home.
I decided to prepare 3 different shopping lists, one more related to pink, one to yellow and the last to blue.

 What is your favorite?

  1. Balloon vase [Normann Copenhagen, Ø30×18,5cm]
  2. Kaskad lamp small [Schneid, 36x17cm]
  3. Nappula candleholder 107 mm [Iittala, 10,7cm]
  4. Nappula candleholder 183 mm [Iittala, 18,3cm]
  5. Atmosfera Fringe Table – Small [Slamp, Ø20×29,5cm]
  6. Origin [Nova Mobili, 63x74x64cm]
  7. Amédée [Ligne Roset, 84x77x82cm]
  8. Bliss [cc-tapis, 170x300cm]


  1. Dego vase [Interno Italiano, 35x22x22cm]
  2. Sori vase [Interno Italiano, 29x8x8cm]
  3. Rotary tray [Vitra, Ø30x12cm]
  4. Gamma A [Mason editions, 12×12×37 cm]
  5. Box table [Normann Copenhagen, 47,5x60x33cm]
  6. Connect modular sofa [Muuto, 70x234x65cm]
  7. Pool [Maison du Monde, 40x40cm]
  8. Rooftop [Maison du Monde, 40x40cm]
  9. Élémentaire chair [Hay, 5×79.5m]


  1. Leifarne [Ikea, 88x52x50cm]
  2. Rainbow mug [Hay, Ø7.5x9cm]
  3. Coffee S [Hay, 5×11.5x11cm]
  4. Horizon Mirror Round [Normann Copenhagen, 14,3xØ34cm]
  5. K1 pendant light triangle [Gant Lights, 12x10x10cm]
  6. Case coffee [Normann Copenhagen, 40,3x40x40cm]
  7. Julian [Maison du Monde, 86x180x95cm]
  8. Sunrise [Lorena Canals, 140x200cm]


Image credits: Mariana Bettinelli

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    • Thank you Boris. Yes pastel colors are definitely a trend also in Scandinavian design, in the last Milan Design Week I saw a lot of these shades in the collection of Nordic brands such as Normann Copenhagen, Muuto and Hay. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, they definitely do and, for people who prefers neutral colors, it is a way to add a pop of color!

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