Faina house – a showcase of the brand’s ancestral design

FAINA is a design brand established in 2014 by Ukranian architect Victoria Yakusha and is now the most renowed Ukrainian design brand. Inspired by her cultural roots, her country’s ancient traditions and craftsmanship, Faina’s the collection create a link between a sustainable approach to contemporary living and the relations of the ancestors with nature.

Faina’s “naïve” design is characterized by ancestral shapes and organic materials such as clay, wool, linen and wood.

The success of Faina has turned the brand into an “ambassador” of Ukrainian contemporary design in the world.

I am so happy I got to interview the founder, Victoria Yakusha, for the magazine Trendland (with which I started to collaborate). I think it is really interesting and you can read it at this link:



Today I want to show you the last project by Victoria Yakusha design studio. In Brussels, they opened a 180 sq.m residential gallery – FAINA house. The 2-floor wood-frame family house was turned into a homeliness contemporary design gallery with a wide exposition of live minimalist furniture and décor brand by Victoria Yakusha.

We are delighted to invite you to our first residential showroom outside Ukraine, where we hope to share our inspiration of Ukrainian culture, traditions and love for simple natural materials, which you will see in every corner of FAINA House. Hope you will discover here the Ukrainian modern design and spread it to the world“.

The home/showroom is filled with authentic contemporary furniture pieces in neutral beige colours with strong black accents. Solid wood, ceramic and felt are dominating materials in the interior, and create the tactile balance between concrete, steel finishes and brick walls. Warm natural light and comfortable sitting places encourage gallery`s visitors to explore design exposition, as well as to stay longer with a glass of wine.

The living-dining room, kitchen and bedroom feature over 25 design objects by FAINA: for example the famous table and chair ZTISTA, armchair and bed TOPTUN, sofa FAKTURA, coffee table HRYB and decor vases KUMANEC, BANDURA and HATA etc.

Ok now I officially want to go back soon to Brussels to visit the FAINA house!


Photo credits: Koen Van Damme    


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