Gen-z yellow, the color of the spring-summer 2018

You’ll probably realized by now that yellow is the trend color of this spring-summer 2018. Forget the Millennial pink of 2017, 2018 is all about the so called Gen-Z Yellow: this bright color is dedicated to the Generation Z (also called Centennials) that is those born at the beginning of the new millennium. The main feature that characterizes this generation is the widespread use of Internet and social network, with the emoticons being their symbol. The yellow of the emoticons is the so called Gen-Z Yellow.

Photos by Alexander Kent

This shade of yellow lies somewhere between the mustard yellow and the lemon yellow. It is a bright and warm yellow that symbolize vitality and ambition and it is easy to use also in interiors and furnishing.

We are seeing a lot of brands choosing yellow for their furniture and accessories collections and yellow it is also used a lot in retail and restaurants.

If you got to know me a bit through my posts you will know I am not a big fan of yellow (I don’t know why) but it is true that yellow can bring a feeling of optimism inside a home creating a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

If you love yellow, you can think of painting a all room, a wall or even a door in yellow. Or you can choose a yellow kitchen or a yellow fridge. If combined with white, the yellow will seems even more bright and cheerful. If combined with darker colors, the contrast created with the yellow will create a very interesting and eye-catching combination.


Or you can buy a statement piece like, for example, a yellow sofa. I love the combination of yellow with grey (it is a classic scheme color) or also with blue: yellow is able to warm up these cold shades.


If you are not so sure about yellow, why not adding some touches of yellow in the accessories, maybe some cushions on the sofa, a lamp or a small chair? Yellow goes well also with pastel colors like dusty pink or light blue or it also goes well with bright colors like for example millennial pink.


Ready to bring some Gen-Z yellow at home?


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