Gold – a new neutral color

Is gold becoming a new neutral color?
My answer is yes and I think the photos I have selected for you will prove it.

For some years now, gold and brass finishes (both in brushed and polished versions) have come back strongly in our homes.
Until now, they were mainly used for details and accessories (lamps, tables, decorations, etc.) or for elements such as faucets.

Now, however, we are starting to use gold as a finishing for bigger elements.

For example, I really like it used in the kitchen, as a top and backsplash or even as a covering for the entire kitchen island.

Gold, when dosed well, brings a touch of warmth and elegance to the home without being tacky.

And, you won’t believe it, it also fits perfectly in minimal or Nordic style interiors. The combination of gold with pastel colors such as pink and blue is very nice. Or you can use gold to add light to an elegant and deep color such as forest green or dark blue.


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