How to decorate the wall behind the bed.

Four simple ideas to decorate the wall behind the bed and give a new look to the bedroom.

Today I want to propose an article that I wrote for the Italian magazine Casafacile and that was published in its website. You can find the link to the article here but since it is only in Italian, I though it was a good idea to translate it for you. Hope you like it!

And after my beloved section “Get the Look”, today with this article I want to inaugurate a new section that we will call “HOME TIPS”

Do you want to give a new look to your room without renewing all the furniture? Start by focusing your efforts on the wall behind the bed, the true focal point of the room.

There are many ways to decorate the wall behind the bed, today I propose you four solutions that are easy to realize and that suit all budgets.


1 . Wallpaper

The wallpapers continue to be of great trend, choose your favorite among the many choices on the market and you’ll see that in a moment your room will radically change its look.


2. Color

Choose a contrasting color with that of the wall and paint a bed headboard that runs along the entire wall. The line should be drawn at about 1 meter in height or slightly above the headboard of your bed. With a little color, the wall will be completely renewed.


3. Prints and photos

Select your favorite prints or photographs and create a gallery. Try to keep a certain geometry in the arrangement of the frames so that the result looks clean and symmetrical.


4. Shelf

Ask a carpenter to realize a shelf that will be positioned above the bed running along the entire length of the wall. Use the shelf to display books or your favorite pieces of decoration. If the colors of the shelf is of the same tone of the wall, the “camouflage” effect will be very elegant.


Which of the four solutions is your favorite?


Pictures and concept: Mariana Bettinelli for Interior Notes 2018.

Thank you for sharing with love and care.


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