How to decorate your walls with custom neon signs

Once used only for advertising signs or for bars and clubs signboards, neon signs are now entering our domestic spaces and getting very popular as home decorations.

I have already talked about the trend of using neon signs and quotes as home decorations. This year Pinterest confirmed their success: in the report they published last January about new trends (the report is based on searches and pins saved by their users), there were also NEON lights. According to Pinterest, searches for LED light rooms and LED light signs have in fact tripled over the last year. These lights in particular seem to be loved by young people of the GEN Z generation.

I am not part of the Gen Z generation but, even if I am a little older, I really love neon quotes hanged on walls! I find them a perfect way to decorate a bare wall in an original, creative and above all personal way. A decoration that will certainly not go unnoticed and that will amaze your guests.

Most people think that neon signs can only look good in bars and restaurants or in the homes of young people, in lofts or in industrial-style homes, but I disagree. I assure you that a neon quote hanging above the fireplace of a Parisian-style house or in the dining room of a classic-style house could look really nice…the contrast between styles makes the interior more interesting and contemporary.

In my opinion, when it comes to neon quotes or signs, one of the most important things is customization. These lights are a perfect way to express your personality and creativity, to “tell” something or to represent a memory, a piece of life through the sign. In short, customization is in my opinion the key word! But where to find a customized neon sign without spending a small fortune? As I do with all my interesting “discoveries” about home decor, I want to share with you the answer to this question.

My new discovery is called Yellowpop, a company that creates custom LED neons: you can create your design and order your customized neon directly on their website by typing your quote or uploading your logo/sign, all this in few simple steps.

Yellowpop custom LED neon lights are made with PVC tubing, which made them affordable but also unbreakable, light and with a low energy consumption. I just created my customized neon quote (I can’t wait to show you the result) and I assure you that it was very easy and fast…the only difficult thing was make the final decision because of the many options available: 23 different fonts, 11 light colors and the possibility to choose whether to have a white or colored tube, different sizes. And then you can choose if the neon will be only for indoor use or outdoor, whether to have the possibility of dimming the light, and the type of neon’s support. So each sign is really customizable at will.

And this is a plus, because when you decide to buy a neon there are various aspects to evaluate.

In my opinion, 4 features have to be taken especially into consideration:

THE QUOTE: look for a word or phrase that has a particular meaning for you, to which you link a special memory, a person or that represents your tastes or your personality. Or choose a phrase that gives you positive feelings or joy or that makes you smile! A nice alternative, is to choose a motivational quotes or a mantra, in short, something that you need to remember every day!

THE SIZE: if you already know the wall where you are going to place the neon, make sure you choose the right size: if the neon sign is too small it would disappear on a large wall. On the contrary, a very large neon in a small room could be “too much” in the long run (unless you’re really looking for this effect).

THE COLOR: choose the tone that you like best but that also goes well with the style and colors of the room where you are going to place it. Remember that the neon sign will be noticeable even when turned off. For example, if the neon light is white, it will probably stand out more when it is lit if hung on a darker wall but it will also be noticed when turned off. On the contrary, if you place a neon on a wall of the same color, it will not be noticed if it is turned off but it will not have the same contrast effect in the evening when turned on.

 – THE FONT: the font you choose for the neon quote is important and the choice depends also on the word. The font in fact not always creates the same effect on different words so I suggest you try different styles first.

So, I am sure you are already super curious about the Yellowpop custom neon lights.  And, icing on the cake, I also have a discount code for you:

use INTERIORNOTES15 for 15% off on your order!


Blog post in partnership with Yellowpop

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