Kitchen trend: Black is the new White!

The world of design kitchen has always focused on white as the preferred choice of color. White is certainly a “safe” choice, it fits easily into any interior, will always be up-to-date and, especially, we will not risk to get bored of our kitchen after a few years.

Lately, however, another color trend is taking over and I personally like it very much: have you ever thought of a total black kitchen?!

Well yes, black seems to be the new trend color for kitchens.

Leathe handles Osternas by Ikea

I know it’s a bold choice but the result is assured! A simple space but at the same time elegant, timeless and with lots of personality!

In my opinion, however, there a few simple rules that need to be followed to create a kitchen with a contemporary and refined style (and avoiding ending up with a “spooky” kitchen).


Here are my four simple rules:


For a contemporary and chic result, choose a matte finishing: the soft and materic effect will make even a strong color as black sweeter.

Example of balck kitchens with mat finiture12


With black, I think it is best to keep your kitchen light and avoid the upper cabinets. So keep the top of the kitchen light, choosing open shelves instead of closed cupboards or even leaving the wall empty (maybe painted in a contrasting tone as white or light gray). If you need to have the upper cabinets (I know, the lack of space is always a problem), opt for the upper cabinets in white so as to keep the bright and light effect

Example of balck kitchens without upper cabinets12

3 – Three possible choices for the countertop: BLACK, WOOD or MARBLE

For a clean and design look, go for a total black kitchen and choose also the countertop in black.

Example of total black kitchens12

If you want a warmer and cozy effect, wood is definitely the best choice.

Example of balck kitchens with wooden top12

Finally if instead you want an elegant and super-chic kitchen you absolutely have to choose the marble.

Example of balck kitchens with marble top12

4 – Add a few touches of GOLD or COPPER (for example in the tap or in the details) and the result is guaranteed!

Example of balck kitchens with copper and brass details12



  1. Great blog and pretty accurate trend report! Dark and moody kitchens are still going strong well into 2018! Using dark dramatic wood grains, black marbles and matt black fittings – you just can’t go wrong! Check out this luxe black shaker style kitchen I recently completed in East London:

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