Klinder apartment, the new residential project by Colombo and Serboli

Today in the blog we “visit” a beautiful apartment in Barcelona where the colors perfectly match with the purity of the Nordic style and the original Art Nouveau details of the apartment.

This is the new residential project by Colombo and Serboli studio. If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will know that I love the work of these two young architects and in fact I had already shared some of their projects on the blog (link 1link 2link 3).

This project is a very clear and very successful example of how, only by using colors, it is possible to resize spaces, visually divide rooms and give character to a home.

The Klinker Apartment is housed in an Art Nouveau building in the El Born district of Barcelona and serves as a vacation home for a family from California. Before the intervention of the Colombo and Serboli studio, the apartment had suffered a fire during a first renovation which had destroyed most of the new elements.

The study was therefore asked to carry out a second renovation low cost (most of the budget had been invested in the first renovation) focused on simple aesthetic changes and without making changes to the layout of the apartment. The challenge was to take the given spaces and make new sense of them, change the meaning and uses without moving walls, to make a new interpretation of the spaces.”

The color was therefore the main tool with which the architects were able to give a new interpretation of the spaces. The use of “color blocks”  is one of the distinctive features of the Colombo and Serboli studio.

The living room was characterized by a rather narrow and long shape and a very high ceiling that contributed to visually make the room even narrower. The application and the careful choice of colors helped to resize the room.

The kitchen, positioned in the middle of the room and in a passing position, has been completely painted in orange / terracotta (cabinets, splashbacks, floor, walls and ceiling). This choice, together with the false ceiling where the chimney was hidden, visually creates a separation between the kitchen and the living area, clearly distinguishes the two spaces and the two functions of use and makes the room seem even larger.

The ceilings, both in the living room and in the master bedroom, have been painted in a dark color: this arrangement reduces the height of the room by compensating for the proportional defects because it visually “lowers” the ceiling.

The lower half of the living room walls was painted in a sand-beige color, creating what the two architects describe as an “artificial horizon”: “It visually widens spaces, in an otherwise vertically proportioned property“.

The two bedrooms too were painted only in the lower half in a sage green color: a hue that instills a feeling of well-being and tranquility and is therefore perfect for promoting relaxation and rest.


Project: CaSA – Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Photos by Roberto Ruiz


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