Maison&Objet – the new 2020 trends for home accessories and decorations

Last September 2019, I visited the Maison&Objet, the fair dedicated to home accessories and decorations that takes place twice a year in Paris.

Many are the trends that I could identify at the Maison&Objet: some of the trends are completely new, others are trends that we started to see in the past seasons and that are becoming stronger.

Here are the 10 most significant trends for 2020 for home accessories.

ANCIENT GREECE: this is one of the most curious novelties. The designers are inspired by the classical style of ancient Greece, vases and decorations recall the forms of ancient ceramics, columns and capitals. My favorites are the vases from the Muses collection presented by Ferm Living or the Greek collection by HK Living (the HK Living stand was undoubtedly the most instagrammed).

Ferm Living and HK Living

NATURAL MATERIALS: the trend of natural materials for furniture and accessories continues. Straw, raffia, bamboo are no longer used only for outdoor furniture but also inside the home. For example, I think the lamps of the French brand Forestier that can be used both for outdoor and indoor are beautiful.

Forestier and Pomax

VIENNA STRAW: Vienna straw is confirmed as one of the most used materials. Vienna Straw came back in fashion in the last couple of year and, even for 2020, we will see it used not only for chairs but also for bedside tables, cupboards, screens, accessories and lights. Among my favorites, the lamps of Mambo Unlimited Ideas. If you are interested in knowing more about Vienna Straw, I had already talked about it in this post.

Hk Living and Mambo Unlimited Ideas

DRIED FLOWERS AND PAMPAS GRASS: forget the urban jungle style with large-leaved plants, cacti and succulents. The trend for next year will be the one of dried flowers and in particular Pampas grass, both in natural and colored versions.

ORGANIC FORMS INSPIRED BY NATURE: many accessories for the home refer, with their shapes, to elements of the nature, such as the new mirrors by Ferm Living inspired by water. With regards to the sofas and armchairs, rounded shapes return.

        Ferm Living and Schneid Studio

     Ferm Living     

BLACK ACCESSORIES: black (exclusively with matte finish) is one of the predominant colors for table and kitchen collections, such as those presented by the brand Eva Solo. But many brands are using this color also for home and bathroom accessories. A little anticipation: expect to see black decorations for next Christmas too! However black is not a complete novelty: I had already talked about the trend of black kitchens here and black faucets for bathrooms here.

Eva Sola and Côté Maison    

IRONY AND FANTASY: never take yourself too seriously, even when decorating your home. So thumbs up for decorations that play with irony and imagination, like the creations of Italian designer Elena Salmistraro for Bosa or the penguin-shaped containers presented by Petite Friture.

Bosa and Petite Friture 

SPHERE LAMPS: regarding lighting, the trend seems to be that of round ball lamps, a form used for table lights, wall lights and suspensions.

Eno Studio and Lucie Kaas

CRAFTSMANSHIP: we are gradually rediscovering the value of handcrafted accessories, which make each object unique. My favorites are Made in Italy and created by talented women: the ceramic vases made by the artist Paola Paronetto or the colorful terracotta creations by Federica Bubani.

Paola Paronetto

Federica Bubani

COLOR: regarding colors, two are the predominant palettes. On one side warm nuances inspired by the colors of the earth ranging from ocher yellow to terracotta and brown, lightened by touches of pastel pink. On the other hand, blue and turquoise come back in vogue in all their various shades. The nice thing is that these palettes are complementary to each other and can be mixed at will, creating a nice contrast of warm and cold colors. These two palettes had already been presented by many brands during the last Salone del Mobile in Milan and I had talked about it here.

HK Livings and Lucie Kass


Now we just have to wait and see which of these trends will catch on in the coming seasons!


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