Milan Design week 2021: must see (part 1)

Here we are! The most awaited week of the year is back in Milan: MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021! So many events and exhibitions will animate the city during this Fuorisalone 2021. I have decided to create a guide of the installations and shows that, in my opinion, are the most interesting to see.

The selection was made based on my opinion, but if I discover other events worth visiting, I will update the article in the meantime, so keep it checked! Today we start with the events in three districts: 5 VIE, TORTONA and ISOLA DESIGN DISTRICT!



The four event-installations created by 4 internationally renowned designers will certainly be very interesting:

1LOOKS LIKE MAGIC! is the exhibition-performance of the Spanish designer Jorge Penadés, who proposes the use of textile waste to give life to a new material, showing all the stages of the process in a pop-up laboratory set up for the occasion.

In via Cesare Correnti 14

2 –  Sara Ricciardi proposes an itinerant installation-performance that reinterprets the figure of the street vendor. A mobile workstation will cross the streets of the district bringing flowers, poems and Baroque sandwiches to visitors, celebrating the joy of meeting and living on the street .

3Untitled 1B is the performance created by Francesco Pace with his Tellurico studio to carry out his research on the relationship between time, forms and processes, creating a live collection of wooden objects.

In Via S. Marta 18, SIAM

4 –  Richard Yasmine, the Lebanese interior architect and designer will be connected in streaming from his studio for the duration of the event: a large ledwall will bring the designer back to life-size, who will virtually accompany us in the his design world between physical and digital.

In Via S. Marta 18, presso il SIAM

5 MoscaPartners relaunches Design Variations 2021 event at Palazzo Litta, interpreting the Palazzo’s Honor Courtyard through the site-specific installation by Studio Aires Mateus: A Beach in the Baroque that celebrates sociability and the encounter between people. The exhibition continues with a selection of companies, designers, schools and institutions from all over the world.

At Palazzo Litta will also be presented for the first time Orografie, a new brand that wants to produce objects that suggest new behaviors and new gestures. The products made by 15 designers such as Francesco Faccin, Elena Salmistraro, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Martinelli Venezia will be presented.

Palazzo Litta, corso Magenta 22


6Masterly returns to Palazzo Turati with curator Nicole Uniquole presenting The Dutch in Milan 2021, a selection of products by eighty Dutch designers.

Palazzo Turati, via Meravigli 9.



1IKEA will present at Base’s “Temporary Home” the project ENOUGH IS MORE project (a vision of future ways of living together and inhabiting domestic spaces).

Base, Via Borgognone 34

2Base will also host Studio.traccia with Tabula [non] rasa, an installation that reflects simultaneously on two principles: on the one hand the idea of an architecture and design that is more aware of its own impact, on the other an uncontrolled production of food waste which has an ever greater social, economic and environmental impact.

Base, Via Borgognone 34

3ARCHIPRODUCTS — FUTURE HABIT(AT) – one of the locations not to be missed, this year the Archiproducts exhibition investigates the new forms of living after the Future pandemic. Habit (at) stages a new interpretation of living, where the keywords are technology, increasingly silent and bare of traditional interfaces, to improve our way of living and working, and cocoon spaces as opportunities for intimacy in common spaces . The set-up is by the Salaris studio

Via Tortona, 31

4 – In Superstudio Più, Haier, Candy and Hoover among the most famous brands in the world in the household appliances sector, will invite the viewer to rethink their way of living in the home. For those who are fond of artificial intelligence and connected homes, these are the three installations to see

Haier will present its idea of ​​smart home, “Haier Home of the future” based on Artificial Intelligence and will be open to the public, with a tour divided into small groups that will have the opportunity to experience an entirely home simulation up close. interconnected.

Candy, will present Snap & Do – Connections make the difference, an installation designed to show the ability of Candy appliances to offer an intelligent and easy to use solution, thanks to image recognition.

Performance and Connectivity for a healthier place to live will be Hoover’s showcase for the launch of H-ABITAT, the set of interconnected products that take care of the health and well-being of the family in the home environment, reflecting the values ​​and mission of the brand.


5 –  Nitto, a Japanese manufacturer of high-performance materials, will present Search for Light and offer a glimpse into the future with a luminous expression, through a magical labyrinth, designed by Kaoru Mende, an internationally renowned architectural lighting designer, to inspire creativity and imagination.

Torneria Tortona, via Tortona 32



In the Sant’Ambrogio area, absolutely not to be missed are the two exhibitions curated by Rossana Orlandi.

6RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC: in its third edition, with this project Rossana Orlandi involves several designers to give new life to used plastic and waste by exploring their infinite possibilities of transformation.

Museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnica — Via San Vittore, 21

7RO COLLECTIBLE DESIGN is the title of the exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16



1 – Playful, Young, Designcolorful, multifunctional and modular products made by different designers will be exhibited

Stecca 3.0, Via G. De Castillia, 26,

2 – Materializedthis exhibition interests me very much because sustainable products and various researches on biomaterials will be exhibited

Spazio Gamma, Via Pastrengo, 7,

3 – The Stage Four – This exhibition involves visitors in a visionary installation, thanks to a triumph of shapes and colors.

Fabbrica Sassetti, Via Filippo Sassetti, 31, 20124 Milano MI

4 – Nature’s Whisper – A path created with products made with sustainable and natural materials.

Copernico, Via Filippo Sassetti, 32, 20124 Milano MI

5 – Studio Finemateria presents Foamy Fantasy: is a thematic installation that highlights the dialogue between design and industry by showing how many different things can be created starting from a single material, focusing here on industrial polyurethane waste.

Via Pola, 11,

6 – AlgrantiLAB presents the new coffee table where the protagonist is the raw material (coffee) which is left as close as possible to how it was found.

Via Guglielmo Pepe, 20-28


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