Three moodboards inspired by the colors of autumn

Today I thought about writing an article and showing you three moodboards that I created in the last two months and that I had published only on Instagram.

For these moodboards, I took inspiration from the colors of nature, in particular from the beautiful colors that nature gives us during the autumn, but also from the sinuous and organic shapes that we find in nature and that, among other things, are now a big trend in the world of design. Even the palettes I have chosen for these moodoboards, as well as being inspired by nature, are also very trendy. Beige and brown are in fact very used now in interiors and design.

I  hope you can find inspiration form these moodboards 🙂

For each moodboard, I have also included the details of the furnishings and accessories  and I the color palette.

Let me know which one you prefer! I am very curious!


Moodboard 1: for this moodboard I was inspired by this design, the original sketch of the Savoy vase designed by Alvar Aalto and now produced by Iittala. Its sinuous and organic shapes reflect one of the trend of the moment.

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

1 – Ferm Living

2 – Agnes Studio

3 – Soft limits

4 – Iittala

5 – Vintage


Moodboard 2I was inspired by the feeling of softness of the first sweaters we have to wear when autumn arrives and that envelop us. And from the light that begins to become more white and soft, the light of winter.

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

1 – Faina Collection

2 – Ok Design

3 – Gubi

4 – Kristina Dam


MOODBOARD 3: the inspiration came to me while walking the streets covered with dry leaves and the colors of nature in autumn.

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

Moodboard by Mariana Bettinelli

1- Gubi

2 – Ferm Living

3 – Gubi

4 – Kristiina Haataja

5 – New Works


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