A month has passed since the Milan Design Week 2019 and I finally found the time to organize all the catalogues, press release and pictures.

From art déco inspirations to 70s vibes, from pastel colors to 80s hues, from black tubular steel to ethnic inspirations, the number of suggestions has been endless. I tried to select what I think were the strongest and most interesting trends that emerged from this Milan Design Week 2019. Key words? Back to the past, soft textures and fabrics, color.

Here the interior design trends for 2020 that I spotted.

1. CARPET FLOORING: we started to see it in the past design week but MDW19 definitely marked the return of the carper flooring and, in fact, it was used in many settings. From the Planetarium project by Cristina Celestino in the Brera Apartment (in collaboration with Besana Moquette), to the Land space of Masquespacio up to the installation Les Arcanistes by Studio Pepe.

trend mdw 2019 -moquetteCristina Celestino – Studio Pepe – Masquespacio – Moooi

2. COLOR: color was the biggest trend of Milan Design Week 2019 and I will talk about it in the next post. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I leave you some inspirations.

mdw 2019 trend - colorNormann Copenhagen – Arper – Saba -Hermann Miller – Saba – Studio Pepe – Swedese – Muuto

3. TEXTURE AND 3D SURFACES: I spotted a lot of 3d surfaces with a material effect, such as for example the Mooi 3D wallpapers, Salvatori’s marble cladding, frosted or 3D-effect glass or wavy surfaces. These last ones in particular have been used a lot and personally I really like them (the blu corrugated metal walls used by Masquespacio were beautiful)

Mdw 19 trend: textureMoooi – Ioc – Ex-t – Cristina Celestino – Salvatori – Masquespacio

4. CURTAINS: large curtains, together with the wavy effect surfaces, were used in many installations, such as in the Interstellar project by Dimore Studio or in the apartment set up by The Socialite Family in via Palermo 1 (but used a lot in many others settings with an almost theatrical effect)

Mdw19 trends: curtainsNormann Copenhagen – Dimore Studio – The socialite family – Hem – Fritz Hansen

5. VIENNA STRAW: I’ve already talked about it HERE, the Vienna straw is back in fashion and revisited in a contemporary way

GTV-salone del mobileGebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH

6. COLORED GLASS AND MIRRORS: colorful glass and mirrors were widely used, for small accessories such as in the new collections by Paola C or in Gupica’s Balustrades collection, for tables and small furnishings but I also spotted colored glass walls used as dividers.

mdw19 trends: colored glassPetite friture – Normann Copenhagen – Studio Pepe – Masquespacio – Lasvit -Saba

7. ROUNDED and ORGANIC SHAPES: shapes, in particular for seating and upholstery, become softer and rounded and with a retro look

Mdw 19 trend: organic shapesStudio Pepe – Living Now Apartment – Maisons du Monde  – Normann Copenhagen

8. CLASSIC AND ART DÉCO DETAILS: : definitely another big trend, in this Milan Design Week 2019 there were many references to the 20s and 30s like fringes, gold accents, velvet etc.

Cristina Celestino – The socialite Family – Saba

9. MARBLE: marble continues to be a very used material but this year, especially for accessories and small furnishings, I saw mainly dark marble

Mdw 19 trend: black marbleSalvatori – Saba – Herman Miller

10. MINI or MAXI TILES: there are two opposite trends regarding tiles. Very large tiles (for example the collections proposed by Cristina Celestino or Federico Pepe for Cedit Ceramiche) or very small and colored tiles to create original patterns (like the beautiful collection by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni or the one by Elena Salmistraro for Lithea).

Lithea – Cedit Ceramiche

11. VELVET: velvet continue to be trendy also in Milan Design Week 2019

CASAfacile Design Lab 19

12. CARPETS: I saw a lot of carpets in this Milan Design Week 2019, mainly with geometric shapes and patterns, with original color combinations (such as the proposals by Patricia Urquiola or Elena Salmistraro for CC Tapis or the collection designed by Matteo Cibic for Jaipur rugs) or with a combination of different materials.

Studio Pepe – CC Tapis – CC Tapis

13. MODULAR FURNITURE: comfortable and flexible

Petite Friture – Saba – Moooi

14. BLACK STEEL TUBULAR: used in many furnishing and for many lamps

Mdw 19 trend: tubolare neroMuuto – Saba – Normann Copenhagen – Tip Toe Design Zanotta

15. BATHROOM – FREE STANDING SINKS: free standing sinks and bathtubs are a new trend for the bathrooms, as we have seen for example at Ex.t or Antonio Lupi

Mdw 19 trend: free-standing sinkEx-t – Ex-t – Antonio Lupi

16. LAMPS WITH GEOMETRICAL AND LINEAR SHAPE: 2019 was also the year of Euroluce and many of the lights had simple and linear shapes with a wide use of black or gold tubular

Mdw 19 trendAreti – Flos – Nemo Lighting

17. NEON: speaking of lights, another trend is that of neon, like the many lamps by Areti exhibited in the Studio Pepe space or the beautiful installation by Aria Lighting in the spaces of Ventura Centrale

Mdw 19 trend neonAreti – Lasvit – Aria Lighting – Arper – Areti

18. CRAFTSMANSHIP and HANDMADE: rediscovery of traditions and craftsmanship with a contemporary reinterpretation. The reinterpretation presented by the Spanish studio Masquespacio of the Ugo Poggi products (on the occasion of the centenary of its foundation) was beautiful

Masquespacio – Ugo Poggi

19. ECOLOGY, REUSE AND CIRCULAR DESIGN: in the design sector, the sensitivity about the environmental emergency is increasing and leads designers to rethink the life cycle of products by proposing solutions that aim to reuse objects or with ecological materials. The Rossana Orlandi Gallery presented an entire exhibition dedicated to plastic reuse projects.

MILAN-WASTE-NO-MORE-Salone-del-Mobile-2019-photo-by-Ruy-Teixeira-800x533. Eileen Fisher Waste No MoreEileen Fisher Waste No More, photo-by-Ruy-Teixeira

20. AFRICA: patterns and color combinations inspired by the African continent, as we could for example admire in the Moroso’s shomroom

interior trend mdw19 - morosoMoroso

Photo credits: Mariana Bettinelli

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  1. 2020 is nearing and I am planning to change the carpet flooring at my home. While exploring for some of the new trends I came across this resourceful blog. I am really fascinated by these latest designs and so excited to refresh my home with one of them.

    • Thank you! I am happy you found some interesting inspiration in the article! Let me know which new trend you are going to follow in your home!

  2. I loved seeing that pops of color will be trending this year. I especially loved the picture of the bright purple chairs and how they contrasted in the lighter room. My husband and I have been trying to find a custom furniture store to help remodel our home. It’d be so much fun to have something made similar to this to relax in.

  3. Carpet flooring is simply amazing! This is the first time I got carpet installed in my home (in the living area and bedrooms) and it looks great. I got purple carpet for my bedroom and I’m loving it.

    • Great to hear you are happy with the choice of carpet flooring. It sure gives a cozy and welcoming feeling to the room!

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  5. Thanks a lot, to you for sharing new interior design trend for 2020 here, these kinds of ideas are were much needed. I really appreciate that you have provided the data too, really appreciative and useful blog for us. Looking for more!!You must also check out it has some great insights too.

  6. Hey thanks for posting this useful content on new interior design trend for 2020 presented here, I really hope it will be helpful to many. I hope you keep update us with such great tips and information in future too. This is a great post; I will share as much as I can. Appreciative content!!

    • Thank you so much! It takes a lot of research and time to write this kind of post so I am happy to know you find the information I gathered useful. Thanks in advance for sharing!


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