Pastel colors and Venetian Terrazzo in a family apartment

NestSpace Design got the inspiration from secondary rainbows when renovating a family apartment in Taiwan.

The secondary rainbow, also called Neon, is visible only in rare cases next to the primary rainbow and has paler fainter colors. The atmosphere and the pastel colors palette created by this atmospheric event inspired this young architecture firm in this interior project, renamed Ne-On.

The 143 square meters family apartment has an open floor and an airy and ethereal atmosphere.

Focal point of the house is the kitchen, around which the open plan of the apartment develops. The protagonist is the large island made in Venetian Terrazzo supplied by the Italian company AggloTech, combined with tiles and surfaces with a 3D effect.

The pastel colors, especially pale blue and pink, dominate inside the apartment, interrupted by black graphic elements like the double-arch pendant lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades. Perhaps, the shape of the lamp also refers to the double rainbows.


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