Pinterest Predicts 2021: 10 new trends to keep an eye on

Like every year, Pinterest carries out a research on the trends for the coming year. In December, Pinterest released the Pinterest Predicts 2021: a forecast of what will be the trends for 2021 in different fields, from fashion to home, from cooking to wellness, from travel to beauty.

And how does Pinterest create these reports? Simple, it is based on the data of the searches carried out by its 400 million users and the keywords they used. And since people very often use Pinterest to plan and find ideas for the future (for example, they look for inspiration on the furnishing for a home they are buying or renewing), trend predictions are very reliable. In fact, 8 out of 10 of Pinterest predictions for 2020 came true — despite it being the least predictable year.

Pinterest identified many trends so I decided to make a selection of the 10 trends that will influence our home or the way we live the house (in my opinion of course).

The pandemic that hit the world has had a great influence on user searches: people have been looking for ideas to create an office corner at home, outfit ideas that are comfortable to stay at home but also elegant enough for video calls. People in general have felt the need to simplify: simplify the home and create a more “zen” style to have a feeling of greater tranquility and well-being at home; they rediscovered the slower rhythms and the need to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally; they have occupied their time at home by pursuing new hobbies such as cooking. In short, the pandemic and the lockdowns have changed the needs and perspectives of people and consequently also what will be the trends.

So let’s see together the trends I have selected for you.


JAPANDI AESTHETIC – Japandi is the new minimalism

“Every decor lover just swooned. Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism in this rising home decor trend. Sleek lines, neutral color schemes and calming setups will be on the radars of Pinners everywhere” we read on Pinterest

The Japandi trend is not new but it will certainly continue and increase: spending more time at home, people is feeling the need to simplify, to get rid of unnecessary things, to combine natural materials and neutral colors. All this in order to have a home that transmits a feeling of tranquillity, calm and relax.

Increase in searches:

Wooden bed design modern +5x

Neutral color palette earth tones +3x

Minimalist bathroom design +4x

Japandi +100%

Modern minimalist kitchen +115%


MORE DOORS – Cloffice is the new office

Say goodbye to open floor plans. Pinners are getting creative with closed doors. In 2021 we’ll all learn what a “cloffice” is. Even when doors aren’t available, people will find new ways to create some personal space.”

This trend is not surprising: most of the people are now working from home and this creates the need for an office corner at home to have some privacy from the rest of the family or flatmates. Cloffice is a funny name that is simply the mix of two words: closet and office!

Increase in searches:

Cloffice ideas +2x

Home library design +7x

Bookshelf room divider +150%

Modern mud room +2x

Computer gaming room +6x


INVEST IN REST – Zzz time is the new me time

Sleep care is the new self-care. Bedtime routines will be more luxurious than ever. From home goods just for sleep (diffuser blends) to bedtime exercise routines (sleep yoga), people will bring intention to more restful regimens.”

This will influence also the way we will furnish and decorate our bedroom: I bet neutral colors and green, natural materials, soft linen and cozy textile will be the main choices.

Increase in searches:

Night affirmations sleep +100%

Sleep blends for diffuser +80%

Before sleep workout +3x

Silk sleepwear +60%

Sleep yoga +90%


RITUAL BATHS – Bathing rituals are the new spa days

“This isn’t your typical tub. Bath time will get an upgrade with influences from ancient rituals. This year, you’ll see people carving out time for an extra special soaking experience.”

How this will influence our home: I think a lot of people that are buying or renewing a home will go for a tub instead of a shower. Matt surface and natural materials will also be the choice. And people will care more about the type of lighting.

Increase in searches:

Spiritual cleansing bath +180%

Full moon bath ritual +90%

Bath tea recipe +60%

Bath in bedroom free standing +50%

Deep soaking tub +145%


DISH IT OUT – Shelfies are the new gallery walls

“Calling it now: kitchen shelves will be the new favorite corner of the house in 2021. People will collect and invest in eye-catching dinnerware, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates.”

Increase in searches:

Copper cookware +35%

Colored glassware +135%

Kitchen floating shelves decor +130%

Plate racks in kitchen +2x

Clay plates +105%


ATHFLOW – Athflow is the 
new athleisure

When athleisure meets elegance—that’s athflow. Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear. Athflow is professional enough for the “office,” stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the couch.”

I personally love this style: people feel the need to be comfy at home but they also miss “dressing up” to go to work or out for a dinner. So this is the perfect compromise.

Increase in searches:

Home dress women +2x

Oversized outfit +3x

Soft outfits +185%

Cotton jumpsuits for women +160%

Co-ord outfits two pieces +30%


SKINIMALISM – Skinimalism is the new glow up

“It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple and sustainable.”

This goes together with the need to simplify and take care of ourself and with the fact that we are spending a lot of time at home and we have more time for skin routine.

Increase in searches:

Glowing skin how to get naturally +4x

Face yoga exercises +4x

Homemade skin care +110%

Aloe vera face mask +115%

Natural everyday makeup +180%


VIBEY LIGHTS – Neon hue is the new you

“Neon rooms will get the spotlight treatment—especially from Gen Z. Pinners will reinvent their bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. LED lighting is a 2021 vibe.”

In the last couple of years, we saw an increased loved for neon signs and neon lettering at home.

Increase in searches:

Neon room +8x

Mirror with LED lights +2x

Blue LED lights bedroom +155%

LED light room +3x

LED light signs +3x


COCOON SWON – Cocooning is the new layering

“Blankets as a fashion statement? Oh yes. Pinners will turn to shawls, puffers and slouchy socks in 2021—no matter the weather. Let’s make cozy comfort part of every season.”.

Blankets and soft textile to feel cozy and comfy while spending long days at home. It is also a cuddle in this moment that cuddles from friends and family.

Increase in searches:

Quilted clothes +4x

Cozy aesthetic outfits +2x

Cocoon sweater +155%

Fluffy slippers +90%

Slouch socks +55%


YOU ARE THE TOP CHEF – Kitchen is the new Michelin

“Get your most-trusted paring knife out. Pinners will get fancy in the kitchen and recreate restaurant experiences at home. Chef-inspired meals, food plating techniques and garnishes are all trending up.”

This will influence a lot our future homes: people in general will feel the need of a bigger or better organize kitchen. Kitchen appliances will also have an increase in the sells. And when it will be possible, they will be happy to have a bigger table to host friends and cook for them.

Increase in searches:

Food garnishes +55%

Gourmet food plating +105%

Basque burnt cheesecake +10x

Tea recipes homemade +60%

Bread art +130%


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