The colorful house of interior stylist Emma O’Meara

Today I want to share with you the images of this house that I saw published in the latest issue of the Italian magazine CasaFACILE and which I fell in love with (about CasaFACILE, I remind you that at this link you can read all the articles I wrote for the magazine, with which I have been collaborating with for more than two years).

It is the home of the Australian interior stylist Emma O’Meara, located on the coast near Melbourne, where she lives with her husband and daughters.

The house was nicknamed by friends “The Gingerbread House” because of the tiles, the sloping roof and the color that is reminiscent of Christmas gingerbread houses.

What I like about the house are the materials and textures, the mix of colors and the light that create a fresh and joyful atmosphere, perfect for a villa located near the ocean and hosting a young family.

The white resin floor and white walls contribute to visually expanding the space, increasing the brightness and creating a fresh and light effect. The addition of wood, on the other hand, warms the environment (which would otherwise be a bit aseptic) and gives texture. In particular, I like the idea of using plywood that gives the house a Nordic and easygoing look and does not contrast too much with the white of the floor and walls.

The stylist has chosen to add a well-balanced mix of pastel shades, in particular pink and mint, to add color and joy to the home without resulting in the “candy” effect. She used the colors not only for accessories but also to highlight some architectural elements such as the stairs, the barn doors or the kitchen hood.

The bathrooms are an explosion of color with the pink and mint green tiles. The geometry of the tiles is highlighted by the dark grouts that give rhythm and dynamism to the walls that would otherwise look flat (this is a trend I talked about here).

The choice to leave the walls completely white is also functional to highlight the numerous works of art and photographs that the family have collected over the years.

Now I let the images speak. Let me know if you liked this house as much as I did!

Interior styling: Emma O’Meara

Photography: Nikole Ramsay


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