The ethical and handmade carpets of Sukhi

I love carpets and I always include them in my projects: they furnish and decorate the space but also contribute in creating that cozy and welcoming environment that immediately makes you feel home. The choice of the carpet can however be difficult: you do not know which style to choose, which material, often you are held back by the cost or the fear of not buying original products.

But there is a place where you can find high quality carpets, handmade by craftsmen and at competitive prices. We talk about Sukhi, an e-commerce where you can buy handmade carpets directly from their producers in India, Nepal, Turkey and Morocco.

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Sukhi is much more than just an e-commerce, it is a project that promotes ethical and conscious design with the aim to also preserve local cultures. Sukhi is a Nepali word that means “happy” and this simple word explains their mission: making people happy, both those who make the carpets and those who buy them. Their mission is in fact to promote artisans in developing countries, offering them excellent working conditions and a remuneration that is often 2-3 times the average in the region.

Sukhi is a project made by people: Pushpa, Mukesh, Savita are just some of the names of the artisans who work in the world with the aim of creating original and high quality carpets that can also be customized. By working directly with local craftsmen in different countries, Sukhi manages to preserve local traditions and working methods and, the absence of intermediaries, also allows them to sell these products at a very competitive price.

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On their website we can find the beautiful Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco (of which I talked about in this post) but also the patchwork rugs from Turkey or the colorful felt ball rugs from Nepal that I find very suitable for a child’s room.

Sukhi beni ourain

My favorites are the braided wool rugs or the woolen loop rugs made in India. First of all, having just returned from a trip to India and having seen with my own eyes the terrible working conditions of some artisans, often forced to operate in difficult and dangerous situations and to work even when elderly, I’m happy to know that Sukhi also works there.

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I like these rugs first of all because they are made of wool which immediately creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at home. It is also a natural, durable, insulating material and also very soft and warm to the touch. I find them perfect for decorating the sofa area as well as soft rugs in the bedroom.

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In addition, the collection includes different shades in solid colors. The monochromatic carpets and in neutral colors are very elegant in their simplicity and are very easy to place at home. In fact, they adapt easily to different styles of furniture, from the Scandinavian homes to a more classic style, to different rooms of the house and they look good with all types of flooring. If you are not sure about the style of carpet you prefer, this is a safe choice because you will not risk of getting tired but at the same time you will not have to renounce to the style and quality of a beautiful handmade rug.

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Which carpet would you choose?


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