The beautiful home of Joachim Kornbek Hansen.

With today’s home tour, we visit a beautiful two-level house in Nørrebro, one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant districts. It is the home of Joachim Kornbek Hansen, design and brand manager of Menu (brand founded by his grandfather in 1976). Joachim is also the founder of &tradition, another nordic brand that I love.

The house consists of two apartments, one above the other, connected by a beautiful black steel staircase. It is characterized by the continuity of the spaces, the partition walls have been in fact reduced to a minimum to allow freedom of movement and give maximum brightness to the rooms.

The style is  minimal and masculine: the palette ranges from white to gray and black with natural wood accents. These wooden furnishings and the second floor flooring create a beautiful contrast with the polished concrete floor and helps to warm the environment.

The furnishings are essential and minimal, in line with the style of the brand Menu. They are in fact almost all pieces from the family brands because Hansen uses his house to test the prototypes and products and understand its functionality. He says “I use the apartment as a laboratory for our products. How do they work in everyday life? It is crucial for the future fate of the design. A home must be cozy and practical.”









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Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang


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