Tranquil Dawn and the new 2020 colors by Sikkens

Like every year, September and October are the months in which paint companies publish their color research and launch the new color palettes for the following year (I have already talked about the new Jotun colors here)

AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center (a Dutch multinational that owns the brand Sikkens) analyzes worldwide emerging socio-economic trends and design trends and the resulting chromatic needs, providing a useful tool for those working in the interior design field: Colour Futures.

The color of the year 2020 elected by Akzonobel is the TRANQUIL DAWN, a color that is inspired by the colors of dawn. A clear and desaturated color that is a mix of gray, blue and green.

As the name TRANQUIL DOWN says, it is a color that instills balance, calm and serenity in the home.

Did you know that every color gives us a different feeling and it is therefore important to choose the right colors for our home? Referring to the colors that form the TRANQUIL DAWN: gray is considered for example the color of balance and also a color that stimulates concentration; blue, on the other hand, is associated with sensations of calm, tranquility and relaxation; green conveys a feeling of balance but also of vitality, perseverance and self-confidence.


In addition to having chosen the color of the year, AkzoNobel combined it with 4 new color palettes, which are inspired by the colors of dawn in the four seasons and reflect the different color trends.

The colors in fact influence each other and each hue changes according to the combinations. For example, the same color will appear lighter on a dark background, on the contrary it will appear darker and smaller if the background is light. Another example concerns neutral colors: on a colored background, the neutral hue tends to take on shades of the color complementary to that of the background.


Here are the four palettes.

CARE: pastel colors inspired by the colors of spring mornings


PLAY: bright colors, young and pop that are inspired by the dawn of summer mornings but also by the colors of the Memphis style.


MEANING:inspiration is the clean sky of a cold winter morning. Colors that infuse a feeling of calm, relaxation and balance.


CREATIVITY: a palette of darker colors that wants to convey the desire to re-evaluate their creativity and imagination. The colors of autumn morning.

Let me know what your favorite palette. In this moment my favorite is the last one (but probably because it is fall season!)

Images credits: Sikkens


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  1. Ciao Maria-I’m interested to know the colour behind the palettes-light grey/griege? And do you have a suggestion for a warm white? Or a neutral colour besides grey/beige?
    Thank you!

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