Color Idea: half painted walls

Today I leave you a little inspiration in colors and walls (and also a possible diy idea for September): the half painted walls! It is a way of painting the walls that I like very much, perhaps it is because they have a vintage flavor that reminds me of old school classes or old taverns.


But mostly I find them perfect for giving a hint of color to a room without letting the color become predominant and leaving space to white (which is always my favorite color for the walls). They can also highlight a piece of furniture by creating a sort of scenery that emphasize its shape or beauty or they can also be used to highlight the function of a corner of the room (for example, the studio area in a kid bedroom, or the “half color” of the wall can become the bed headboard).


In short,they are perfect for any room and, if you also paint doors and furniture, the continuity effect and tromp-oeil effect will be beautiful!


The color combinations and variations are many: you can take a meter and draw a straight line between the two colors or go for a blurred or jagged border; you can color the wall up to about one meter or continue higher (to resize a wall that is too high or, in the contrary, to give an effect of great height if the wall is normal). Also the color combinations are many, from a dark color in contrast to the white wall (my favorite effect) to pastel colors combination.


In short, you can have fun creating your perfect wall!



    • It should be around 1 meter. If you are painting the wall behind your bed, it should be a bit higher than the headboard. 🙂

  1. I was thinking of painting my kitchen walls a deep color .and top wall white . I don’t have a backsplash but what height ? Top of base cabinet , bottom of top cabinets or in between?

    • Hello Susan, yes I think it is a good idea to paint the kitchen with a deep color at the bottom and white at the top. I like your idea to paint the kitchen with a deep color till the base of top cabinet but only if your kitchen is not too small and really bright with natural light or if the kitchen is white. If it is not the case, use the deep color till the bottom of lower cabinets and then you can paint the backsplash with a waterproof paint in the same color but a lighter shade. I will avoid the “in between” option 🙂

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