Terracotta: the trendy color of 2018

Terracotta seems to be the trendiest color for interiors in 2018. It is a trend that has already begun in 2017 and has made terracotta the protagonist of styling and interiors.

A shade between orange and brown, terracotta is a cozy color that helps to warm the house with just a few touches. The color of earth and nature that, although it may seem difficult, it is easy to combine in different ways, combining well with warm colors and materials such as wood (for a material effect) but also with cold colors such as blues and materials like concrete (creating an interesting contrast effect).

Even though I love cool colors like gray and blue, I must say that I really like terracotta when used for design objects and interiors, it creates a modern and warm result at the same time. And then I like it because it makes me think of nature and travel, the desert, the color of the African ground..

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There are two terracotta shades that I think are more trendy: on the one hand a shade that tends to brown and with a bit of pink inside, on the other a shade that almost tends towards an orange-pink. These nuances seem very elegant, both used in a total look or dosed with small color accents, perhaps an armchair, some sofa cushions, some accessories.

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I have identified 3 combinations that I particularly like for this color:

– Terracotta and dusty pink

A very trendy combination, which we have already seen in the catalogs of various brands like in the latest H&M lookbook that we have already seen here. A very modern, elegant and feminine result. A tone-on-tone combination ideal for those who love to furnish playing with shades. Beige and white are the most appropriate neutral tones to give light to this combination.

pink and terracotta in interiors1234

Terracotta and grey

The result of combining these two colors is very contemporary and elegant, perhaps easier to dose than others. Terracotta matches well with dark gray but above all, in my opinion, with a lighter gray for a more sober, elegant and luminous effect. In this case, terracotta helps to warm a cold color like gray.

terracotta and grey in interiors1234

Terracotta and blue

A combination perhaps a bit more difficult but very chic, which reminds me of the atmosphere of Moroccan houses and riads. The terracotta helps to warm a cold color like blue and you get an interesting graphic effect that plays with contrasts. A combination in my opinion very nice, elegant and modern.

terracotta and blue in interiors1234

If you like this color, I have prepared a shopping list of low cost!


design shopping list in terracotta color

1 – Muuto – E27 lamp

2 – Ferm Living – Quilt Cushions

3 – Ikea – Gradvis vases

4 – H&M tablecloth

5 – Maison du monde – Mauricette chair

6 – Muuto – Grip candle holder

7 – Normann Copenhagen – Folk candle holder

8 – IkeaFabrikor cabinet

9 – H&M pillows


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  1. I am redoing a kitchen in a 50 year old house. The floor is terracotta colored d’hanis tile with wide black grout about half inch wide. I want white cabinets but I don’t know which shade of white to use, or maybe I should go with a light gray. The countertops will be stainless steel with the stainless steel backsplash. The sheetrock will probably be painted a teal green or teal blue. So my question is, what shade of white for the cabinets, please.

    • Dear Shirley, thanks for writing. Yes, I would definitely go with white but a “warm and soft white”. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about, check the All White, Strong white or School old white on Farrow&Ball website (it is not advertisement, it is just to give you an example 🙂 ). Hope this would help!

  2. Hello! I love those paint colors. What brands and names of paint color are these? Thank you I love your blog!

    • So nice to like my blog, thanks. Those are not images for a particular brand, but check for example Farrow&Ball and its colors Picture gallery red and Read Earth. But many other paint brands have similar colors for example Jotun, Willson&Morris and Sikkens. Hope this will help you! 🙂

  3. Hi have terracotta coloured tiles and red brick fireplaces in my open plan kitchen dining living area. Was thinking antique cream colour for kitchen cabinets but what colour you recommend for accent/accessories colour to give it warmth but still be light and fresh? Also are pelmet cornice still in style for winter 19/20

    • I have a condo in Florida I just bought. There is terra cotta tiles running through the kitchen and living room. My question is if I did warm white cabinets what color for counter tops. Also what color for couches as I don’t want to have cream colored carpets for practical reasons. Thx

      • I would choose the counter tops in grey. Also for the couches, if your want a neutral color I would choose grey, otherwise blue or a light shade of terracotta would also look nice. Let me know what you will choose!

  4. I have a villa in Florida with terra cotta tiles throughout house. I’ve chosen a 50% strength Repose grey paint for kitchen walls and 100% strength Repose grey for bedrooms. I would like to paint all my kitchen wood cabinets and have a white quartz counter with grey accents. I had initially thought a darker shade of grey for cabinets but am leaning toward a shade of blue. Suggestions on color of blue? We are getting stainless appliances and wine refrigerator and have backsplash tiles to consider as well. Thoughts?

    • Hi can u send me how does ur wall look with Repose gray … I have terracotta tiles all over my 1500 sq downstairs and I am having hard time deciding what color to go with. What does 100% strength Repose gray look like is it darker ?

  5. We’ve bought a 1980’s home. Kitchen, dining room and fireplace surround haveSaltillo tile floors. Kitchen cabinets are cherry. Remodel budget doesn’t allow for replacing cabinets. I plan to redo all counters with quartz. I love the black with silver flecks I have in my present home but think that might be too dark for new home. I plan to paint walls Bruton White – Benjamin Moore – What counter and accent paint could would you suggest?

    • Hello Ginny,
      I would choose white for counters, for a fresher and lighter look. The Bruton White is a perfect choice. If you want to add an accent color, I would go for sage green or light blue (but not baby blue).

  6. Hello, I am excited to come across your site so hopefully you can help me. I have terra cotta/cinnamon sofa and armchair, cherrywood furniture, light sand carpet and at the moment, white on white (monochromatic) wallpaper. I would like to change wall colour. Would you suggest grey if so, light or dark or other colour?
    Thank you,……..Eileen

  7. I have to repaint my small bathroom (90×80 in) after a leak in the wall. What is the best shade of white for bathroom walls with terracotta floors? Thanks

    • I will choose a stone white, which is basically a white with just a touch of grey in it. It is a very nice shade of white and perfect with terracotta.

  8. Trying to decide color to paint a dark entry way. Tile is 37 year old dar
    Mexican terra-cotta tile with dark gray grout

  9. Hi,
    I want to do my Livingroom in a shade if terracotta but not sure if which shade.
    My couch is gray, in the darker side. some country wood furniture and when I finish my fireplace, it will be stone.
    please help me with a shade of terracotta.

    Thank you

  10. I am moving and the kitchen has terracotta walls behind the white cabinetry. The countertops are black granite with light terracotta flecks. As the home is open concept, I’m trying to decide which sofa and chair to use in the living room area. Choices are: Light brown fabric or black leather with accents of terracotta and other complimentary colors (depending on which sofa).

    Please advise.

  11. What a wonderful blog! I’m redoing my mother’s sad brown particle board cabinets and dropping in a slate silver sink as well as some peachy-pink zhellig tiles as backsplash. I was thinking of Agreeable Grey on the walls and 36 Hours in Marrakech for trim (Backdrop). I’m agonizing about the new cabinet color – perhaps Worldly Grey would be a good choice but with Terracota / Grey floor tiles, it could get repetitive. Perhaps a deep grey to sort of bolden up with pink and peach hues of the rest of the palette? Thank you!

  12. My kitchen has terracotta tiles with orange and cream shades, light grey cabinets, white walls and a pine wood table, but I don’t have any idea what the doors color should be. I would like a wood type, but I`m not sure if it can be pine like the table or to use another wood type. I appreciate your answer.

  13. My inquiry is on the off chance that I did warm white cupboards what tone for ledges. Additionally what tone for love seats as I would prefer not to have cream-hued rugs for pragmatic reasons.

    • Hi ! I have terracotta tile with orange red Pink very light beige green in it all over my house about 1700 sq with open concept very high ceilings I have dark furniture. kitchen cabinets are brown wood with green countertop what wall color paint will go with is Terracotta tiles.

  14. I’m renovating a large 400 year old stone (gneiss) house. The interior walls will be finished with 100% natural clay colors. The living room has one wall we will keep in untouched stone, two more walls with stone the lower 6 feet and the upper 8 feet to the vaulted ceiling we are thinking of a terracotta color. For the rest of the walls we are toying with a hint of warm yellow color. Window trim is already dove blue. Floor is oak. Room size is 36 feet by 15 feet. Total height is 14 feet on one side and 8 feet on opposite side where 3 windows exist. Would these colors go together or what would you suggest?

  15. My husband and I recently bought a home in AZ. Every room in our home has a variation of Terracotta wall colors. Every room has a single color to multiple shades from burnt orange brown to red brown. Carmel Cinnamon brown – and yet I see pink hues if you look at an angel. My husband loves the colors, considering he likes plain neutral color wall. I’m trying to decorate my home, the research I’ve come across state bed/bath decore: blue/oceanic shades, baskets, layering of colors, textiles, and grey.
    leafy foliage in terracotta pots
    muted white/cream pink, red, mustard, green, blue. Cinnamon brown, and red. All our furniture is dark wood, dark brown leather, wood & metal.
    Needing direction a starting point. Mustard color pillows for leather furniture. white & grey duvet w/ blue pillows? hints or tips. Anything will help. Thank you.

  16. I have an earth tone brick porch with eight siding and rust colored shingles on my house. I would like a suggestion of the best color of blue (if any color of blue would work) to use on my front door.

  17. I have an earth tone brick porch with beige siding and rust colored shingles on my house. I would like a suggestion of the best color of blue (if any color of blue would work) to use on my front door.


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