Why grey is the perfect color for interiors

After a month of stop from the blog (even bloggers go on vacation) I’m back and ready!

The news I received in the middle of my holidays that my blog is in nomination for the Amara Interior Blog Awards made me very happy, gives me the motivation to get back to work on the blog with all my energy (by the way, you can support me by voting at this link: https://www.interiorblogawards.com/vote/interior-notes/).

So today I don’t feel like talking about new trends or design news but I want to write about something I really like, that is my favorite color for the interior (and not only). I am gonna say it: my favorite color is grey (what a bore some will think) and here I want to explain why I think it is the perfect color for interiors that you will never get tired of.

shades of grey paiting

Grey is a neutral, modern and sophisticated color that is characterized above all by its versatility and ease of use in interiors.

First of all, grey has a thousand shades, from pearl grey, to dark grey to the super chic greige; this allows you to choose the most suitable shade for your home and to play with tone-on-tone combinations.

Grey goes well with all styles of furniture: it’s perfect in the Scandinavian interior but also perfect with an industrial or a contemporary style.

grey sofa

If you are tired of white, grey is the good substitute because it is a neutral base that can be combined with any color, creating lots of combinations and different results. Perfect if matched with white or black (a classic and timeless combination), grey looks well with any color, from pastel shades such as pale pink, to cold colors such as light blue and blue but also to bright colors like yellow or fuchsia.

Grey (in walls, furnishings or textiles) goes well with many materials, such as wood (wood helps to warm a cold color like grey), metals (the combination with bronze or brass is very chic and also in this case they contribute to warm the cold shade ), to marble and lacquered or matte materials.

In short, a color that is easy to use, versatile, timeless and that you will never get tired of. And how to use grey in interiors?


Even if it’s a cold color, I think grey is perfect in the bedroom because it’s relaxing and anti-stress. You can use it on the walls, for example you can paint the whole room in a nice light grey or, instead, you paint only the wall behind the bed in a darker shade for a graphic and elegant effect. But you can also play with textiles and bed lining combining different shades.


A perfect alternative to white even for the living area. I think it is a very chic and not boring choice. You can use it for walls but also for furnishing. For example, you will never get tired of a grey sofa and you can play with other colors in the pillows and other accessories.


If you are tired of white kitchens, grey is a good compromise … choose it in a lighter shade for a safe choice or in a dark shade (almost black) if instead you are ready to dare. One of the most successful combinations in my opinion is to choose grey cabinets and a marble top with the addition of precious touches such as brass, bronze or gold (perhaps in the details like handles or accessories such as lamps).


Using grey in the bathroom is a safe choice because it is modern and chic and you will not get tired of it even after many years. To be combined with white if the bathroom has no windows (to give brightness) or all grey perhaps playing with the size and shape of the tiles.


A color that may turn out to be a bit dark when used in narrow spaces… but the “box” effect that is created has a strong impact and it is very beautiful.

Did I convince you that grey is the perfect color for interiors? Let me know what you think, I’m curious!


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