Pastel colors for a small apartment in London

Today I take you on a home tour that tastes like summer, with a fresh and relaxing atmosphere and where pastel colors dominate.

We are in London, in one of the aparthotel of the Leman Locke chain. The one I show you today is located in East London; it was opened in 2016 and is the first aparthotel of the chain.

The project is by the New York studio Grzywinski + Pons who, faithful to the Leman Locke philosophy of creating a hybrid space between a home and a hotel, has created a boutique-hotel style hotel. The apartments are meant to serve as homes for “nomadic” creative workers who are in London for an extended stay.

A small apartment with all the comforts of a real home. The architects chose a fresh and relaxing palette of muted and pastel colors. I already told you some time ago about the new pastel colors, which are increasingly used as neutral colors. This interior demonstrates this, with the light blue used as a color for the walls, almost as if it were a neutral color.

I also like the choice of combining a more Scandinavian style with the rough concrete wall, with a decidedly more industrial style.

Another idea to copy in this project? The walls are not painted in blue for the entire height but a white stripe is left at the top. This helps to make the color less present and “heavy,” and it serves to visually resize the spaces and make the ceiling seem lower in the case of small rooms with high ceilings.

And how beautiful is the light pink sofa?

Progetto: Grzywinski + PonsFotografie: Nicholas Worley.


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