The trendy indoor plants in 2017

Indoor plants are definitely back in fashion and are the new stars in the homes of bloggers, stylists and in the best interior magazines. Call it Jungalow or call it Urban Jungle, the new trend is to exagerate and transform your house into a small jungle!  If you think this is too much for you, just try to devote at list a corner of your house, fill it with different plants of different sizes and there you have your little jungle corner . But forget the ficus benjamin that your mother used to have at home (my mother really had one for years and I hated it!) … the new plants are exotic, luxuriant and with strange and orginal leaves!



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Here is the list of my ten favorite trendy plants:

 1 .  Cactus

via What Olivia Did


2.  Banana leaf

via Apartment Therapy


3. Pilea Peperomioides  (or Chinese Money Plant)

via The fresh light

4. Monstera deliciosa (or Split-leaf philodendron)

via Apartmentf15

5. String of pearls

via Lobster and Swan

6. Oxalis (shamrock)

via Flickr

7. Aloe vera

via My Domaine

8. Ficus Lyrata (or Fiddle leaf fig)

via SF Girl By Bay

9. Kalanchoe Beharensis

via Mooi Wat Planted Doen

10. Zz plant (or Zamioculcas Zamifolia)

via Style me pretty


And this is my little plants collection: my crazy Aloe Vera (I bought it few months ago in Ikea and is growing so fast that I already had to transplanted twice and give small aloe vera plants to my friends), my little Pilea and my cactus.




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