Bathroom trends 2021: arches

Lately, I’ve noticed a new trend in bathrooms: from the photos I see on Instagram, magazines and Pinterest I spotted lots of arch shapes, especially when it comes to mirrors and other elements. Have you noticed it too?

Until recently, round-shaped mirrors were dominating, but now the trend is that of mirrors with arched shapes. A more decorative interpretation of the bathroom, the arch recalls the Art Deco forms but revisited in a contemporary and more minimal key.

The soft shapes of the arched mirror are a great way to add, through a simple element, a romantic and decorative touch to the bathroom (which is often treated and furnished more like an aseptic environment).


I especially like these mirrors when used in minimal style bathrooms (as in the images below) because they add a soft touch that breaks the rigor of the minimal style. The contrast is interesting and particularly successful.


Within this trend, perhaps the biggest novelty is the arch-shaped shower glass. Usually, the shower glasses have the classic rectangular shape but, for some months already, I have noticed more and more these new models of shower glasses that end with an arch shape. Among my favorites, the Ex-t proposal in colored glass which is part of the Nouveau collection and which is freely inspired by the forms of Art Déco. I like the contrast between the round shapes and soft colors (green or pink) and the black metal details.



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