Interior design trends for 2019

January is the month of forecasts, even when it comes to interior design and furniture. Are you curious to know what will be the news for our homes in 2019?

We will find again some of the trends that have been strong in 2018. For example, wallpaper continues to be so trendy that it is also used in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Even marble and metal finishes such as gold and brass will continue to be very used in the interiors but in a lighter way and with less opulence than in previous years.

From Modernico style to Living Coral color, from the return of Art Déco to the Lagom trend coming from the North, let’s see what the most important news of 2019 for interior and furnishing are.



A trend that has already emerged in 2018, the Terrazzo will be one of the most used materials in this new year, not only as flooring but also as a pattern for wallpapers, fabrics, furnishings and decorative objects.

Foto via Elle Decor


Dark or forest green will be one of the main colors of 2019 for interiors, a shade that is inspired by the world of nature and wants to express tranquility and well-being. An elegant and sophisticated color, perfect as a tone for walls but also for upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

The home by Ferm Living, Foto di Abi Dare


For 2019, many furniture collections present curved and rounded shapes with a retro look, inspired by the aesthetics of the ’70s. Chairs with rounded back, sofas with sinuous shapes, this trend favors comfort without sacrificing style.

Vera Sofa di Anthropologie


The black color with a matte finish is definitely one of the trends of the moment: from kitchens to lamps, from chairs to bathroom taps, we find it used almost everywhere. A bold color with a strong graphic value.

Foto di Ikea


Velvet, which have been back in fashion for a couple of years now, will continue to be trendy in the furniture world even in 2019. But the novelty of this year, especially for the upholstery, will be corduroy.

Elodie Sofa di Urban Outfitters



A trend that comes from the Scandinavian countries: white seems to slowly disappear to be replaced instead by neutral but warm colors, such as beige. Decorating using different shades of neutral colors, natural materials and fibers and rough surfaces such as wood is very trendy and the effect is natural, relaxing and cozy.

Immagine di BOSTHLM


We return to use the arch as an architectural element but rethought and used in a new and original way. The arch also becomes a decorative motif for wallpapers, coverings and furnishing objects.

Progetto di Bagnoli Architects –Foto di Ari Hatzis


One of the new trends of 2019 is the three-dimensional surfaces with a ribbed effect. We will find them in fact used both in wall coverings and in furniture, for a 3D effect but soft that allows you to play with light and shadows and give texture to the environments.

Club Unseen di Studiopepe – Foto di Andrea Ferrari


From the metro ones to the cement tiles, the classic tiles are trendy. But in 2019 the focal point of the bathroom decoration will not be the tiles but rather the grouts that, thanks to new colored solutions, will be able to create a geometric and decorative motif.

Progetto di Colombo and Serboli – Foto di Roberto Ruiz


After the trend of Mid-Century Modern, in 2019 we will see the return of Art Deco but in a contemporary version. With a more sober and minimal reinterpretation than the original, this style is characterized by the use of precious fabrics such as velvet, metallic finishes and furnishings with soft and rounded shapes, for the use of marble, geometric shapes such as circles and arches and for the strong presence of color.

 Interior design Sella Concept- Foto di Nicholas Worley


Two concepts that come from the Scandinavian countries and indicate the return to simple and natural things as the key to a happy life. In terms of interiors, they are expressed in a style that favors simplicity and sustainability but with an extremely cozy result: neutral colors, natural materials such as wood, linen and cotton linings, simple and clean lines are the characteristics of this style.

Foto di Petra Bindel


Pastel colors like lilac, peach or yellow are back in fashion. These new light colors are used in the place of neutral tones, but instead of choosing a single shade, the combination and overlap of different colors in layers on walls and accessories is preferred.

Progetto di Bagnoli Architects – Foto di Ari Hatzis


The trend of the moment in terms of interior decoration is the fusion between modern and ancient and, to indicate this style, in Italy we created a specific word: modernico (the fusion of “moderno” and “antico”). Old furnishings combined with hi-tech solutions, traditional shapes and colors combined with innovative materials. A style that wants to reinterpret the old in a modern way and play with styles.

Progetto di Marcante Testa – Foto di Carola Ripamonti


Recently named as the color of the year 2019 by Pantone, the Living Coral is a brilliant shade of pink-orange that expresses our innate desire for optimism and joy.

Vasca Plouf, lavandino Splash e specchio Wow di India Mahdavi per Bisazza Bagno


The last few years have seen the green trend dominate, with decorative patterns of succulents and banana leaves invading our homes. Today the natural tendency continues but it turns into a softer and whispered form and the plants with large green leaves instead leave room for dry flowers and dry branches. A trend that perfectly matches the Higge style and the use of warm neutral colors seen above.

Foto di Jotun


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