Modular sofas: a versatile and comfortable furnishing

Today’s article is about sofas and, in particular, about modular sofas.

This sofa model is making a comeback, perhaps thanks to the increasingly desire of costumizing our homes and make them more suited to our needs. Even more in this particular time caused by the pandemic that led us to “live” our home like never before.

Modular sofas give us the freedom of mixing and combining the different modules as we please, creating the composition that best suits our needs or the shape and size of our living room. They also allow us to change your mind on how to arrange your sofa!

Here I propose some of my favorite models.

The first four sofas are also true icons in the history of design. Besides the modularity, there is one more thing these sofas have in common: they were all designed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Simple coincidence? No! These sofas appeared precisely in these years, the nonconformist years that followed 1968, where even the domestic environment has undergone a small revolution. There was a desire to surprise, even in design, but above all the young people rebelled against the bourgeois idea of the house, they wanted more ergonomic and comfortable seats and sofas where they could sit in a sprawling way.


CAMALEONDA – B&B Italia – designed by  Mario Bellini (1970)

Designed by Mario Bellini in 1970, B&B Italia has just launched a re-edition of this legendary sofa, putting it back in the catalog.

The sofa is made up of a 90×90 seat modules, armrests and backrests that can be detached and reassembled at will, making the modularity of the sofa practically infinite. In fact, thanks to the system of tie rods and rings designed by Bellini, the modules can be detached and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to the evolving taste and dynamic needs of those who use it.

There are many curiosities related to this sofa, starting with the name … but I will tell you more in another episode of the History of Design section.



STRIPS – ARFLEX – designed by Cini Boeri (1968)

I have already talked about the Strips sofa by Arflex in this post, telling you its story and why this modular sofa has become an icon. Go read the article, it’s very interesting!


MAH-JONG – ROCHE BOBOIS – designed by Hans Hopfer (1971)

The Mah Jong sofa is an iconic model of the Roche Bobois collections, it is so famous that when you think of a modular sofa, this immediately comes to mind! Starting from three simple elements, assembled side by side or superimposed, Mah Jong allows you to create infinite compositions with total freedom. Each cushion is handmade in a dedicated atelier, as in high fashion ateliers, and covered with exclusive fabrics.


TOGO – LIGNE ROSET – designed by Michel Ducaroy (1973)

Historic model designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy and produced by Ligne Roset, the Togo sofa is an object with a unique design. The enveloping, soft and ergonomic shapes and the characteristic folded lining make it perhaps the most recognizable sofa ever!  Available in different compositional solutions.



One of the latest addition to the Ferm Living’s catalogue, this modular sofa is one of my favorite. I particularly love its simple and clean lines and the enveloping shape, almost like a bean bag. The series comprises six individual modules that can be combined in multiple ways to create the desired composition.



This is another of my favorite models, for the shape, the fabric, the colors and the patterns that can be combined according to your taste. “Add, subtract, divide and multiply, do whatever you like with your space, it’s yours, after all. GAN makes sure you always have plenty of possibilities at your disposal.”



The Pixel sofa is characterized by a series of elements that can be combined freely with each other, using an exclusive graft created by Saba Italia. Both the armrests and the backrests can be disassembled and it is thus possible to create infinite compositions. I really like it for the elegance of the lines, for the particular quilted stitching and for the low back which makes the sofa visually compact.


If you are looking for a low budget option, Maisons du Monde and Ikea also offer modular sofa models. These two are my favorites.






This is a slightly different model than the sofas seen before. It is a modular sofa but with feet that make it visually lighter, elegant and contemporary. Perfect in a home but also in a hotel lobby or lounge for example.
The Sum line consists of eight different modules, angled or straight, with open sides or with armrests, without backrest. They can be combined with the armchair of the same serie.

Which is tour favorite model?


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