New trend: Venetian terrazzo floor

The Venetian terrazzo floor (or battuto) is the typical flooring of the Venetian palaces. It is a type of material born from the reuse of waste from the processing of marble and other stones that are mixed with lime (or cement).

This type of flooring has a long history, it is a laying technique that was already used in ancient Greece where the pavements were made of torrent stones arranged and mixed with lime or clay. But the terrazzo floor owes its fame thanks to Venice where it was widely used within the palaces of the lagoon. The Venetian terrazzo floor then spread as an economic and popular pavement, so much that many of you will associate it with their grandparents’ homes.

Well, you will be surprised, but the terrazzo is the new trend now, not only as flooring but also as a pattern for wallpapers, fabrics and design objects. In fact, its texture creates an interesting design that allows you to mix many colors and make original combinations.

I have therefore selected a series of images and prepared a shopping list of design objects all with the terrazzo pattern.

bar terrazzoFive Elephant by Nick Warner of Sunst Studio

terrazzo interiorvia Elle Decor

terrazzo shopMaison Kitsuné by Studio Henry

terrazzo wallpapervia PaperMint

normann copenhagen daily fiction terrazzovia Normann Copenhagen

ferm living terrazzo wallpapervia Ferm Living


And here is the shopping list of objects with terrazzo patterns that I have prepared for you! Hope you like it!



1. Terrazzo Wallpaper – Rose

2. Bamboo Plate – Terrazzo, Ferm Living

3. Minerals, Petite Friture

4. Ruler Triangle Space Stone Light, Normann Copenhagen

5. Terrazzo pencil, Hay

6. Terrazzo table, Hay

7. Terrazzo Rose Quartz, Lorena Canals

8. Tin Boxes – Terrazzo, Ferm Living


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