“Stelo”, the single flower vase I designed for Hiro.

I am proud to present STELO, a single flower vase entirely designed by me and now produced and sold by the Italian company Hiro.

Stelo is a vase with minimal and essential lines designed to support and enhance a single flower.

The vase is reduced to its essentiality and almost disappears, it becomes a functional object to highlight the flower that becomes the real protagonist of the project. The vase thus wants to show all the beauty of a flower, leaving all the parts that compose it to view, not just the petals and the corolla. In particular, Stelo aims to highlight the stem that supports the flower, a fundamental element that is often hidden in traditional vases. Stelo is in fact the Italian word for stem.

The vase was born through a process of “subtraction”, it is the evolution of a design that, starting from the shapes of a vase, has progressively removed the unnecessary elements that could have hidden the flower.

When I started thinking about the vase, in fact, I began from the idea of creating a small object that was inspired by the organic shapes of nature, with the aim of bringing a bit of the outside inside the house. Thinking about the project, however, I reasoned on the fact that only nature knows how to create perfect shapes, balances and color palettes and that therefore, rather than being inspired by it and trying to replicate its shapes, I had to highlight nature itself. And so, compared to the first sketches, I removed all the elements that were not fundamental and that could have hidden the flower.

The vase is therefore reduced to its essential elements: a round base to give stability to the vase, a rod for the water and a stick. The stylized leaf is the only decorative element that I have decided to leave as a reference to nature.

Simple but refined, Stelo is a timeless object that can be inserted in any environment and perfect with with any home style. Although minimal, the vase has its own poetry precisely because it enhances the beauty of the flower.

The vase is made of steel and available in 3 finishes: brushed gold – pink gold – copper.

Stelo is on sale on the i Hiro Independent Design website

Finishing ROSE GOLD


Finishing COPPER

Photography and styling by Camilla Corradi for Hiro.


Dimensions: maximum height 30 cm, diameter at the base 10 cm. Diameter of the rod 3 cm.


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