Wallpaper: the trends of 2018

The wallpapers, after having been abandoned for years in the name of a minimal style, have instead come back in vogue for a few years now with the return of the trend of home decoration. Even in 2018 the wallpapers continue to be trendy and it is no wonder: the wallpaper is a decorative element very useful to add personality and originality to the house and can be used in any environment, from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Today I want to talk about 5 wallpapers trends for 2018.


1. Jardin d’hiver

Floral and foliage wallpapers continue to be trendy, but forget the ones in jungle and tropical style, the new wallpapers have a vintage style reminiscent of wallpapers and tapestries used in the past to adorn villas and palaces. In this case there are two trends in the same trend: black and white wallpapers and the more classic colored ones. Those in black and white are my favorites, it seems to me that they create a magical atmosphere like a real winter garden.

wallpapers garden inspiration blamck and white1234

wallpapers garden inspiration colored12 – 3 – 4

2 . Geometric and optical

The trend of wallpaper with geometric patterns continues, both in black and white version, in the colored version or with metallic and gold lines. In addition to the simplest geometric patterns, the trend evolves to have real optical effects.

wallpapers geometric


 3. Materic

Wallpaper with a material effect and tromp-oeil are used to imitate different materials, from wood, to tiles and fabrics. They contribute to give substance to the environments and add warmth and the scenographic effect is absolutely surprising.

walllpapapers materic


4. Architecture

A strong and new trend of 2018 is that of the architecture-themed wallpapers, which reproduce architectural elements such as arches, columns or windows. Also in this case we have a tromp-oeil and three-dimensional effect that is very scenographic and, in my opinion, very refined and elegant.

wallpapers architecture


5. Water

Yes, thanks to new technologies, the wallpapers today can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen. Skeptics? Trust me, these wallpaper are covered with a waterproof sheath that allows it to be used in humid environments and in direct contact with water. And do not tell me you would not want a shower like those in the first two photos.

wallpapers for bathroom and kitchen

1 234

Which of these trends is your favorite and would you like to see at home?


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